Achieving Your Aesthetic: Spring 2019

Spring is just a few days away. Don’t let it sneak up on you! Even though it is still snowing in my part of the world, that is no excuse to leave Christmas and winter décor lying around the house! Let me help you achieve your aesthetic by giving you a few tips on the upcoming spring trends.

The trend this year is simplicity, so lets de-clutter our lives! I love that this ideal is becoming such a big movement. Simplicity is different from minimalism in a few ways, one way being that it is not as extreme. A lot of this new way of thinking is inspired by Marie Kondo and her books on cleaning and organizing. There are no set rules about how many vases, or books, or sweaters you are allowed to have, but its more focused on what brings joy to us and it makes us rethink what is truly necessary to bring into the future with us. She doesn’t really touch on decorating, but that’s where I (and all interior decorators) come in.


Light and airy is the name of the game this spring. Lots of natural elements will be used, and the colors will be muted and “sun faded”. The spotlight will be on texture: raw wood, jute rugs, seagrass baskets, unique pottery, house plants, and linen curtains. We are seeing much less “accent pieces” and we are focusing more on the actual furniture itself. The trend is to take away everything in a room that distracts you, and bring your focus to the essentials. It will help you to appreciate everything you have in the room, because your focus won’t be divided in a million different directions.


What to focus on:

  • The Rug
  • The Lighting
  • The Curtains
  • The Main Piece of Furniture in the Room

If you are wanting to paint your home, steer clear of the can of gray paint. Even if you need a friend to come pry it out of your hands. Trust me. Homes are going in a much simpler direction. If you paint your home a creamy shade of white, you will not regret it. It goes with absolutely everything. Even though the 2019 color of the year is an orange clay color, I would avoid painting a whole room this color.  Bring that pop of color through in the accents such as: a terra-cotta pot, a faded throw pillow, ect.


If you need an accent to soften the edges, go to your local floral shop and get a bundle of Pampas Grass or dried Palm Leaves and put it in a vase in the corner of a room, or bring it to the center on a table.


The kitchen is also moving in a simpler direction. Say goodbye to painting your bottom cabinets a fun color, that trend has come and gone! Instead your lower cabinets should be  natural wood and your upper cabinets can stay white, or use open shelving. Remember… the more simple something is, the longer it will stay relevant. Take the white T-shirt for example, you can dress it up or dress it down and it will never go out of style. That is what we are trying to achieve in our homes.


Here are a few more inspiring pictures I found on my Pinterest.



Thanks for reading. Hopefully this has you excited for spring cleaning, de-cluttering, and throwing out your Easter egg-colored spring decor!


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